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Experience an Acoustic Journey of Sound and Spirit
(Let's chill out and go deep!)

Roxie Sound Healing curates meditative acoustic sound “concerts” at special locations—whether that be an architecturally significant home tucked in the Hollywood Hills, a trending art gallery, a luxury hotel, or at a spectacular outdoor venue. Via her guidance and instruments—crystal bowls, a symphonic gong, ocean drum, koshi chimes, Tibetan bowls and more—she creates an uplifting oasis of sound, further elevating special spaces into havens of rejuvenation and transformation. 


As the resident sound healer at 1 Hotel West Hollywood, you can find her orchestrating sessions aligned with the moon cycles. Her immersive, heart-centered sound journeys align participants on a physical, emotional, and mental level, and conclude with poetry by revered ancient Persian poets and mystics, such as Rumi and Hafez.

"Roxie has conducted hypnotic, soothing sessions that have earned her a loyal following."

-Hollywood Reporter

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"I discovered Roxie during the most transformative and challenging period of my life. Each sound healing is unique and beautiful in its own way and I am so excited for the next round. After the sessions I feel refreshed and whole. Thank you, Roxie, for spreading love and healing with your beautiful sounds, poems, and energy."



Roxie Sound Healing offers in-person and virtual sessions for brand partnerships, corporate events, retreats, art galleries, museums, and private group sessions which have garnered her a global following. She has also had the honor of conducting sound baths at special occasions such as births, marriage celebrations, and more. 


Roxie curates immersive sound sessions at special locations in Southern California and beyond. She was featured at the grand opening of 1 Hotel in West Hollywood; guided an employee wellness retreat for The Proper Hotel in Santa Monica; and led a sound journey rooftop event at Kimpton La Peer Hotel.

Roxie is especially known for her work with art institutions for a fully integrated experience. At the Landing Gallery, she led sound healing underneath Anne Lindberg’s “A New Light,” (2021), made of thousands of threads evoking a pillar of light. For 1 Hotel, she performs underneath Janet Echelman’s monumental sculpture “Dream Catcher,”an 85-foot-high dynamic installation piece composed of colored fiber netting. 

She has done several sound exhibitions at Barakat Gallery, a purveyor of museum-quality ancient art. Guests were surrounded by giant, life-size, and small ancient Buddhas and sculptures during the sound bath experience, adding an interesting visual and spiritual component as the sound of Roxie’s instruments filled the 2,700 square foot space. She has also conducted sound healing sessions at FP Contemporary Gallery in Culver City. 

The historic Culver Hotel hosted her for an artist’s residency, combining her paintings with special sound healing sessions. Her paintings were also featured at a sound and art installation at luxury bed provider Custom Comfort, where guests lay on the company’s plush mattresses. Beverly Hills-based Skinworship brought employees for a sound healing journey with Roxie, while Kinfield Skincare invited her to conduct a sound healing during their company retreat and Sonoma County Tourism treated guests to a sound healing.

Outdoors, guests have enjoyed her sound healing at Sedona among the red rocks and the serene grounds at Meditation Mount in Ojai, among other elevated events. She has also partnered with Lunya sleepwear, Snyder Diamond kitchen and bath, and The Britely, a private social club dedicated to community and celebration.


Contact Roxie to create a unique sound experience for your company, group, retreat, gallery, or special event.



About Roxie Sound Healing

Roxie is a certified, award-winning sound healer practitioner, an artist, and a radiant and skilled creator of elevated experiences. Roxie connects the transcendental power of meditation to sound healing and spiritual practice, yet keeps everything approachable and relatable. Guiding from a heart-centered approach, she takes participants on a journey where they can raise their vibration and embrace a sense of wellbeing.  

A trained artist, Roxie has a specialty of fusing sound healing sessions with events held at art and luxurious spaces. Whether it is a hotel with an iconic LA skyline view, wellness resort, an immersive new gallery installation, or a curated rooftop event, her sound healing concerts add a whole other dimension to guests' enjoyment. Her sessions weave in poetry by ancient poets such as Rumi and Hafez.

Most recently Roxie Sound Healing was named "Best Sound Healing" in Angeleno's annual Best of List. Her transformative, joyful work has won raves in the Los Angeles Times, Real Simple Magazine (“31 Self-Care Rituals for a Great Year”), Hollywood Reporter as a "go-to" for sound baths, KCRW, Spectrum 1, The Zoe Report, Thrillist, California Home+Design, SoCal Pulse, Well + Good, among other top-tier outlets.

She has brought the healing art of sound to corporate and non-profit organizations, including Netflix, Soho House West Hollywood, NeueHouse, Meditation Mount in Ojai, Calif., Salesforce, Pacific Design Center, NeueHouse, Second Home coworking spaces,  and Chief, a private membership for executive women leaders, among many others.

At UCLA Health, she provides sound healing for a group of doctors and healthcare professionals at their staff meetings. She is a volunteer sound healing practitioner with Cancer Support Community Los Angeles, an organization that provides support groups, healthy lifestyle classes, and education workshops to those impacted by cancer.

 She has been a speaker for Visionary Women, Iranian American Women Foundation, and the International Luxury Hotel Association with top luxury hotel CEOs, tastemakers, and CFOs from around the world. Her luminous sound meditation has impacted thousands of listeners on Insight Timer.

But, What IS Sound Healing?

For thousands of years, cultures around the world have used the power of sound for healing  and spirituality purposes.

Sound healing acknowledges that our human experience involves our bodies and minds, but also, our vibrational, or energy states. Sound can shift these subtle energies in the body, centering one in the present or even creating a euphoric state.

Sound healing can potentially reduce tension, fatigue and depression, and supports a sense of overall well being, according to research published in the Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine. That research also found that sound healing can potentially reduce physical pain.


Roxie Sound Healing uses instruments such as crystal bowls, tuned to 432 hertz. According to a 2022 study fromNIHL, 432hz music lowered blood pressure and heart rate, allowing the body to slow down to a profoundly relaxed and restorative state.


Another instrument Roxie uses, the symphonic gong, is considered one of the world’s oldest instruments, with roots tracing back to around 3500 B.C. The gong is used to release tension and blocks in the body, relaxing the nervous system and evoking a sensation similar to a trance-like state.

Sound is primordial. Let's connect, unwind, and transcend.


For private sessions, virtual experiences, corporate wellness, retreats, or further inquiry, please contact

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Love is the bridge between you and everything. -Rumi

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