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(Let's chill out and go deep!)

Relax into the healing sounds of Crystal Bowls, Symphonic Gong, Ocean Drum, and Koshi Chimes. Sound Healing is a meditative acoustic sound 'concert' that brings you to a state of deep relaxation, activating your body's own natural system of self-healing. 

This safe space offers an opportunity to deepen your journey of healing and letting go. Roxie Sound Healing is accessible for all. It is recommended for those who regularly attend sound healing sessions (sound baths/sound meditations) and understand its esoteric nature—and those who have never experienced it before and just want to unwind in a deeper way.

Activate a new level of consciousness.


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Roxie Sound Healing offers virtual and in person sessions for corporate wellness,  private events, and retreats. Roxie curates immersive sound sessions at special locations in Southern California. The events are offered to subscribers first as they often fill up quickly. Roxie is the resident Sound Healer at 1 Hotel in West Hollywood

for their full moon celebration. 

Past events include, the grand opening of 1 Hotel in West Hollywood, Sunset Sound Healing at a private residence in the Bird Streets (Hollywood Hills), a sacred sound session at Barakat Gallery (guests were surrounded by giant, life size, and small ancient Buddhas and sculptures), The Proper Hotel in Santa Monica, rooftop event at Kimpton La Peer Hotel, special sound and art sessions at the historic Culver Hotel, Sound + Art Installation at Custom Comfort  (guests laid on plush mattresses), Sedona among the red rocks, Meditation Mount in Ojai, among other elevated events. 

Enjoy a unique sound experience.

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Since my two year old was born, I would struggle every single day for him to nap. I tried truly everything. After hours of struggling, I would win the battle because its crucial for a kid’s health to nap. So I gave in. In day 3 of (virtual) sound healing, I layed down with him to listen to your beautiful music. Ever since, in 10 minutes he is sound asleep. This precious hour nap also means I was gifted time to snuggle with him (also 100% new) and rest my body. If I could only express how much that has changed my life for the better. Thank you, Thank you!

Ana. N.

About Roxie &

Sound Healing

Roxie is a certified sound healer practitioner, artist, and abstract artist. She has been practicing meditation for 11 years and connects the transcendental power of meditation to her sound healing sessions and spiritual practice. She often includes art in her sessions and plays healing instruments that encourage free-flowing energy of love and a lightness of being from within. The crystal bowls are tuned to the notes of the seven chakras/energy centers. They are also tuned to 432 hertz, the vibrational frequency of nature. (This means it's backed by science and mathematics. The tuning frequency was used in ancient Greece and by classical composers.)

Just trust it. It feels really good.

She plays the symphonic gong, one of the oldest instruments. Its roots trace back to around 3500 BC. The gong is used to release tension and blocks in the body, stimulating a higher functioning of the glandular and nervous system. Sound healing affects brainwaves to slow down to a profoundly relaxing and restorative state. (Next level chill.) Sound healing helps aid anxiety, depression, and physical pain. (STILL, want proof? Try this study, here.)

Roxie's sound healing sessions are heart focused and connect the mind, body and soul. She uses the ancient Persian poet Rumi as a guide for her sessions.  

Roxie Sound Healing has been featured in The Los Angeles Times, Real Simple Magazine 'Self-Care Rituals for 2021', KCRW, Spectrum 1, The Zoe Report, Thrillist, California Home + Design, SoCal Pulse 'Seclusion Survival Guide' and Well + Good, among other top tier outlets for her transformative work.

In 2020, Roxie Sound Healing transitioned into online events reaching a global audience and was named by Hollywood Reporter as one of LA's go-to for virtual sessions.

Sound is primordial. Let's connect, unwind, and transcend.


For private sessions, virtual sessions, corporate wellness, retreats, or further inquiry, please contact

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                  Love is the bridge between you and everything. -Rumi